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so long to all my friends,

every one of them met tragic ends.

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Name:107тн ѕergeanт jaмeѕ вarneѕ
Birthdate:Mar 3
Location:New York, United States of America

and тнere were cнιldren ιnvolved
and тнey were вroтнerѕ тo мe
even ιғ we never goт тo мeeт


Язы́к мой – враг мой


all we нave ιѕ oυr wιnтer.

[character name]: James Buchannan "Bucky" Barnes
[series]: Captain America: The First Avenger.
[player dw]: [personal profile] spitfired
[messenger]: brokebackmutant
[e-mail]: notyetfallen[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk
[4th walling?]: Yes.

[ [personal profile] yourbestguysgun is predominately Captain America: The First Avenger canon but I do play him more often than not with his 616 plot progression now that the film has been announced.
→ ASW remix by blueblanket hotel @
→ Winter Soldier graphic by [personal profile] chatona.
→ Layout by [community profile] pastries.
→ Muse & Mundane are both over 18. ]

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